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Goli, Graduated from the EasternMediterranean University in Cyprus, She worked 4 years in construction industry in midtown of Toronto. Her experience at working in Forest HillVillage as well as her degree in Architecture, motivated her to set up her own interior design studio.  In the recent years, she has been working with builders and homeowners in GTA. She has spent years to build her world-class team of craftsmen and suppliers.  Her team works at each and every step of the way- from pulling permits to designing the perfect layout with clients' favorite materials before they even swing the first hammer.

Kia, graduated in MS.Architecture, has always been enthusiast in architectural design industry. He has spent years working with well-known design-build companies in Canada and abroad. After collaborating on multiple projects with Goli, they decided to move to the next level and establish Harmen Design Inc. It was a bold decision,but they listened to their clients and decided to start the company.

Sepehr Modirzadeh
Director of Design
Zubin Khabazi
Building Tech Consultant
Bahar Hami
Visualization Manager
Kia Kazemian
Goli Basiri
Founder & Ceo
every design is unique. so that our approach

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